Paul Moriarty

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty

4th Legislative District

Responses to 2017 Legislative Survey

Do you support A1476/S2170 or would you support similar legislation to provide education savings accounts to New Jersey parents throughout the state to spend on private and parochial schools, online learning, tutoring and similar education programs?


"I do not have enough information to evaluate such policy. There are too many unknowns to decide at this time."

Do you support expansion of charter schools in New Jersey?


Do you support the Opportunity Scholarship Act (S340/A1314), which would provide scholarships to low-income students enrolled in failing schools to attend a public or non-public school of their choosing?


Do you believe that decisions regarding a child’s education should primarily rest with his or her parent or guardian?


Do you believe that government funding for education should be allocated based upon school enrollment, i.e. that it should “follow the child”?


Would you support legislation allowing Rutgers University, Montclair State University and/or The College of New Jersey to become charter school authorizers in the state of New Jersey?

No position

"I need additional information about who within the university/college is making those decisions and how they would be made before deciding a position."

Do you support fixing the funding formula so that the Interdistrict School Choice program can expand to serve more students and school districts?


"I sponsored the legislation that made the Interdistrict School Choice program a permanent program in New Jersey."