Our Mission and Core Values

 The mission of the New Jersey School Choice and Education Reform Alliance is to increase access to high quality education options for the children of New Jersey by actively supporting transformational education reform initiatives and parental choice policies that empower families and by promoting public policies that improve education outcomes in New Jersey.


We are guided in our actions by the following core values:

It’s all about New Jersey children

Improving the futures of children through better education strengthens our families, our local communities and our State.

New Jersey children are inherently intelligent and talented

We are unwavering in our belief that, when provided access to equitable and adequate resources and when engaged daily by caring and committed adults, New Jersey children can and will achieve at the highest academic levels and gain strengths and skills to succeed in their work and in their communities.


New Jersey families and students cannot wait for schools to improve. Families, leaders and policymakers must act now to provide families with access to high-quality educational options, using all available means, including traditional public, private, or charter schools, homeschooling, virtual learning and other options.


Equal access to high-quality education options is essential to realize our nation’s promise of justice and equality of opportunity and to enable all New Jersey children to fully participate in and benefit from economic and civic freedom. All families, including low- and moderate-income families, deserve choice in education and other reform that helps promote excellence in public and in private education.

Our Goals

NJSCERA has three overarching goals:

Goal 1: Promote High-Quality Educational Options

Believing that every child deserves access to a high-quality education, NJSCERA champions reform strategies that address the urgent educational needs of our community and promise to close the achievement gap.

Goal 2: Protect/Expand Parental Choice Programs

NJSCERA works to protect and expand existing parental choice and education reform programs by focusing its members on strategies and tactics to engage their constituencies to work statewide and in local communities. NJSCERA develops and implements effective strategies and tactics in collaboration with its allies.

Goal 3: Expand Our Base

Promotes the enactment of the new parental choice programs in states with high potential by deploying NJSCERA affiliates and supporters to implement effective strategies and tactics in collaboration with our allies.


What We Do:

  1. Provide a forum to focus attention of groups and individuals on education reform issues and school choice
  2. Educate legislators, the press, and other opinion leaders on education reform issues
  3. Provide legislators and reformers a platform to communicate their ideas and analyses of education reform issues
  4. Recruit significant numbers of new organizations and individuals to become active members of NJSCERA
  5. Raise the priority of education reform issues in the public discourse across the State of New Jersey
  6. Maintain a survey of legislators’ positions on key school choice and education reform legislation

How to Help

Join us and take a stand against low expectations, mediocrity, and the consignment of our children, including our most vulnerable children to failing schools. Whether you choose to donate, partner or volunteer with NJSCERA or one of our members, we offer exciting opportunities for you to make a positive difference.

With your support NJSCERA will:

  •  Help a needy child access high-quality instruction
  •  Open the door to a safe learning environment
  •  Equip caregivers with the parenting and advocacy tools they need to support their children’s education
  •  Support  teachers and educational entrepreneurs in meeting the needs of our community
  •  Give voice to all parents, including low-income and working-class parents, and secure for them a place at the table
  •  Keep decision-makers and policy-shapers focused on the reality of New Jersey education and the urgent needs of our children

 Act now to give parents a choice and children a fair chance.

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