The Public Benefit of Private Schooling: Test Scores Rise When There Is More of It

By Corey A. DeAngelis, Cato Institute Center for Educational Freedom. January 22, 2018


The Game Plan

By Donald P. Nielsen, Chairman, The American Center For Transforming Education, The Discovery Institute. October 10, 2017


The Education Trust

The Education Trust (EdTrust) analyzes local, state, and national data to build broader understanding of achievement and opportunity gaps and the actions necessary to close them. The reports, presentations and commentary available through EdTrust’s website make a compelling case for transformational change in America’s education system.


The Schott State Report on Black Males and Education

This website is an interactive data portal that provides parents, educators, media, philanthropic partners, policymakers, elected officials-and anyone who cares about education and equity-direct access to important, alarming data on the devastating reality of education for Black males across all 50 states.


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Whether you’ve just heard about charter schools or you’re a seasoned veteran of the charter movement, the website of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools offers a wealth of information. Find answers to FAQ, links to the latest research about charter schools, information about what’s happening in your state, and more.


The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

The Friedman Foundation is dedicated to winning the argument for school choice by informing the public about the issues and possible solutions, and engaging the many groups around the country who are devoted to improving the quality of our schools. The website offers helpful responses to FAQ about school choice.


The Annenberg Institute at Brown University

A national policy research and reform-support organization that works with urban districts and communities to improve the conditions and outcomes of schools, especially in urban communities and in those attended by traditionally under-served children.



The American Center for School Choice has partnered with redefinED to focus attention on the importance of empowering parents with the authority to educate their children. The editors of redefinED represent professionally the interests of a nonprofit organization in Florida, Step Up For Students, that administers a scholarship for 35,000 low-income children. But the website aims to tap their collective experiences to speak more broadly about learning options.


Breaking Barriers: Plotting the Path to Academic Success for School-Age African-American Males

This 2008 report, authored by Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D. and produced by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, explores factors that improve educational outcomes for Black males by analyzing academic success indicators from four national surveys. The factors explored include personal/emotional, family, social/environmental, and school. Relationships between academic achievement and external factors are the cornerstone of the findings.

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