New Jersey School Choice and Educational Research Alliance

In recent years, the concept of school choice has gained significant traction across the United States. One state that has embraced this concept is New Jersey, which has implemented various programs to increase educational opportunities for its students. In this article, we will examine the concept of school choice and its implementation in New Jersey, as well as the role of the Educational Research Alliance (ERA) in evaluating the effectiveness of these programs.

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What is School Choice?

School choice is the idea that parents and students should have the ability to choose the educational institution that best fits their needs. This can take many forms, including charter schools, private schools, magnet schools, and public school choice programs. The goal of school choice is to increase competition in the education system, which proponents argue will lead to better educational outcomes for students.

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What Are New Jersey School Choice Programs

New Jersey has implemented several school choice programs in recent years, including the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program, the Charter School Program, and the Opportunity Scholarship Act. These programs offer students and parents the ability to choose educational options that may not have been available to them otherwise.

The Interdistrict Public School Choice Program allows students to attend public schools in districts other than their own. This program is intended to increase educational opportunities for students, particularly those who live in low-performing school districts. By allowing students to attend higher-performing schools in other districts, this program seeks to close the achievement gap between students in different districts.

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The Charter School Program allows for the creation of independent public schools that operate outside the traditional public school system. Charter schools are given greater flexibility in terms of curriculum, staffing, and management, and are held accountable for their performance through a contract with their authorizing entity. Proponents argue that charter schools provide parents and students with greater choice and promote innovation in the education system.

The Opportunity Scholarship Act is a proposed program that would provide scholarships to students from low-income families to attend private schools. This program is intended to give parents and students more options for educational opportunities, particularly in areas where there are few high-quality public school options.

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The Role of the Educational Research Alliance

The Educational Research Alliance (ERA) is a research organization based at Rutgers University that is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of education policies and programs in New Jersey. The ERA has been instrumental in evaluating the impact of school choice programs in the state.

One of the ERA’s most notable studies focused on the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program. This study found that students who participated in the program had higher test scores and were more likely to graduate from high school than their peers who did not participate. The study also found that the program had a positive impact on the racial and socioeconomic integration of schools in participating districts.

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The ERA has also conducted research on the Charter School Program in New Jersey. This research found that charter schools in the state tended to serve more disadvantaged student populations than traditional public schools. The research also found that charter schools had mixed academic performance, with some schools outperforming traditional public schools and others performing worse.

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The ERA has not yet had the opportunity to evaluate the proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act, as the program has not yet been implemented. However, the ERA has conducted research on similar programs in other states. This research has found that voucher programs tend to have mixed results in terms of academic performance, with some studies showing positive impacts and others showing no impact or negative impacts.


School choice is a concept that has gained significant attention in recent years, and New Jersey has implemented several programs aimed at increasing educational opportunities for its students. The Educational Research Alliance has played a critical role in evaluating the effectiveness of these programs and providing policymakers with data-driven insights into their impact. While the results of these evaluations have been mixed, the ERA’s research has helped to inform ongoing policy discussions about the future of education in New Jersey.

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